How to get the most out of your visit to MOI Philly!

Museums can be quite intimidating while guests are often frowned upon for touching something or having a little too much fun. But don’t fret, we aren’t like other museums! At the Museum of Illusions Philadelphia, we believe in the value of entertainment and education. We offer a unique experience that encourages you to have fun while learning the mechanics behind each illusion. Our museum is designed in a way that lets you fully immerse yourself in the wacky world of illusions. Guest experience is our top priority so we want to give you a few tips on how to get the most out of your visit to MOI. 

Before your visit 

As we are a smaller museum and have limited space, we do encourage guests to plan their visits ahead of time. We recommend purchasing your tickets online in advance at to reserve a spot. The last thing we want to happen is to have you arrive ready for a visit only to be turned away – tickets will not be sold at the door if we are at capacity. We know it’s not always possible to plan a visit in advance so try to plan for a less crowded day (weekday) instead. Our weekends can get extremely busy so make sure to check our website beforehand to see what available time slots are open. 

We recommend blocking off about 45 minutes to an hour for your visit so you have time to snap some fun photos, try out challenging puzzles, and take in all we have to offer. Keep this in mind if you are planning to pop in to some of the city’s most recognized attractions that are just steps away or planning to grab a bite to eat after your visit. 

We encourage you to arrive at the museum fashionable but not fashionably late. It is important for everyone to follow their timed ticket for the best experience. This helps with the guest flow of the museum and maximizes your visit. We understand traffic and parking can be an issue in the city so we encourage you to do your research beforehand (like reading this blog post). Unfortunately, we do not have dedicated parking but there are meters located on 4th and market and the Bourse Parking Garage is a block away. 

While at the museum 

We want you to be curious! The museum is designed in a way to encourage you to learn how or why you are seeing things. There are description panels next to each exhibit to explain just that. The whole mindset behind the museum is about shifting your  perception and changing the way you think. Don’t get frustrated if one of the illusions “is not working for you”. Instead, try looking at the illusion through a different lens (quite literally). Sometimes you can experience illusions better with your camera than your eyes. The simple explanation is that your eyes are not a machine and do not have the same capability as high end cameras to receive and process information. 

No need to silence your cell phone when you enter the museum (we are not a movie theater), using your phone makes for part of the experience! Come with your phone fully charged and plenty of camera storage (trust us). Remember when we said arrive fashionable? Here’s where that comes into play… Our museum allows you to quite literally step into the illusion which makes for insta-worthy photos that are sure to amaze your followers minds! If you are having trouble taking a photo or not sure why it doesn’t look right, ask one of our trained staff members stationed around the museum to assist. Our employees love nothing more than helping our guests take the picture perfect illusion! Can’t think of a good pose? Check out the photos posted next to the exhibits for ideas and let your creativity run wild! You have the ability to create your own experience so have fun with your creation! 

Once you get to the Smart Playroom, get the wheels turning on your brain as we challenge you to solve a handful of life size puzzles and dilemma games. And no, they are not illusions – You can really solve them! If you give up or don’t have the patience to complete the puzzle there are QR codes to show you the solution.

After your visit 

On your way out, don’t overlook our Smart Shop! It is full of puzzles, dilemma games, mesmerizing toys, and MOI swag. Tried one of our puzzles and couldn’t figure out the solution during your visit? Consider buying a take home version to continue your quest to solve the puzzle! 

Loved your experience and want to tell us all about it? Leave us a review on Google or Trip Advisor so we can keep doing what we are doing. We love hearing your feedback! Didn’t have the best time? We appreciate those opinions too! We want to hear every experience so we can improve as needed. 

Remember those insta-worthy photos we were talking about? Now is your chance to share them on your social accounts to amaze your friends and family. And don’t forget to tag us at @museumofillusions_philly and #moiphilly for a chance to end up on our social accounts. We love reposting social media content, so don’t hold back! 

Stay connected with Museum of Illusions Philly by signing up to become an MOI insider. This will give you exclusive access to all of our special deals and exciting events. We host a variety of events to welcome back customers in and offer new and exciting experiences! My personal favorite is our dog friendly Yappy Hour event. We allow guests to experience the impossible of MOI Philly with their fur babies by their side. This allows for owners to capture some mind-blowing (and cute) photo-ops of their pups.

Now, you are prepared to make the most out of your visit at MOI Philly. We hope you enjoy!