A Mind-Bending Museum of Illusions Is Coming Soon To Philadelphia


If you’re a fan of optical illusions, you will never want to leave this place! A brand new, mind-boggling museum could be making its way soon to Philly! The Museum of Illusions promises to offer an interactive, immersive and incomprehensibly cool experience for all generations. And although no opening date has been announced for its Philadelphia location, we’re actually pretty excited to see what’s in store for the City of Brotherly Love! With a Museum of Illusions already open in New York, Dallas, Kansas City and Chicago, Philadelphia’s Museum of Illusions is one of 6 more coming to United States cities including Miami and Washington DC as part of the fast-growing Museum of Illusions project that started in Zagreb, Croatia five years ago. Like in the other cities, Philadelphia’s museum could feature tons of mind-bending exhibits all based on math, science and psychology.

Visitors are highly encourage to participate in the exhibits to learn more about vision, perception, and the human brain. Not to mention they make for totally awesome Instagram opportunities! Mirror infinity rooms, scale-distorting rooms, holograms, and vortex tunnels are but some of the cool displays that Philly’s Museum of Illusions could house. For example, in NYC’s museum, there’s even a room where everything gets turned absolutely upside down an anti-gravity room! The place will basically be one giant, out-of-this-world awesome optical illusion and we cannot wait for it to open! What about you? Would you visit Philadelphia’s Museum of Illusions?

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