New Museum of Illusions opens in Old City


PHILADELPHIA-if you've ever wanted somebody's head on a platter, the new Museum of Illusions offers that chance. Einstein will appear to follow you everywhere you walk. There is an Elfreths Alley building that gives the illusion you're hanging from a windowsill, and the vortex tunnel will fool your brain and your vestibular system. The Museum of illusion started in 2015 in Zagreb, Croatia, and now there's over 35 locations worldwide. It's a big draw for the Instagram and TikTok generation but it's also an all-age space with grandparents bringing their grandchildren, families, friends and couples on a date night. Optical illusions give you a lot to talk about. The museum is only about 5000 square feet but there are lots of immersive experiences packed in, with more than 50 mind bending illusions. The rotated room is a take on a Philly diner but with the chairs bolted to the ceiling, giving the illusion that you're defying gravity In the Ames room, guests will appear to grow and shrink as they walk from one corner to the next. It's part education /part entertainment, as you have fun while learning a thing or two about vision, perception and the human brain.

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