Don’t believe your eyes: New Museum of Illusions opens in Philadelphia

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A new museum in Old City wants to put a spin on how you see Philly. Philadelphia is packed full of museums and different places to explore, but a new space is putting a twist on how some of those landmarks are viewed. "Museum of Illusions Philadelphia is simple urban edu-tainment. It’s the mix between education and entertainment," said Rob Cooper with the museum. He said education comes there through of puzzles and problems to solve, and entertainment comes through instagramable exhibits that test your senses."The Museum of Illusions is really all about showcasing, showing illusions, but also becoming part of the illusion," Cooper added. Ben Franklin, with moving eyes looking away from Rob Cooper, at the Museum of Illusions Philadelphia. Ben Franklin’s moving eyes is a new take on an old concept, with a Philly flair. "As your eyes and your brain interpret it, as you walk back and forth the actual mural itself, it follows you down the street or, in this case, in the museum," said Cooper Elfreth’s Alley may be located a few blocks away from the museum, but they brought it inside for a different view of the country’s oldest residential street.

"As you interact and engage with the exhibit, it looks like your becoming one with the building," said Cooper. "You’re doing crazy poses on it." The museum, which has more than 60 exhibits, is scheduled to open Saturday

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