Museum of Illusions plans fall 2021 opening in Philly

optical illusions
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A museum filled with optical illusions, holograms, and visually immersive exhibits is coming to Philadelphia this fall. The Museum of Illusions announced on Tuesday that it plans to open a location at 4th and Market streets in Old City. The museum, slated to open a stone’s throw from the Liberty Bell and the Betsy Ross House, promises exhibits designed to “tease the senses” and “bring out playfulness in guests of all ages.” Museum of Illusions’ locations in other cities, like New York, Chicago, and Dallas, boast exhibits featuring kaleidoscopes, vortex tunnels, and infinity rooms intended to teach visitors about vision, perception, and how the eyes can deceive the mind. Rob Cooper, a Philly native and founder of Museum of Illusions’ parent company, LOL Entertainment, said the organization is thrilled to bring a new museum concept to the city.

“Philadelphia’s vibrant and historic scene provides the perfect landscape for the expansion of the museum’s U.S. presence,” Cooper said in a statement. The Instagram-friendly exhibits are reminiscent of pop-up attractions like Tinsel, which tend to shift with the seasons. But the museum insists its location will be permanent. Cooper conceded the museum “certainly is visually engaging and has those photo-worthy moments,” but said, “it is about so much more.” “We’ve carefully and thoughtfully designed this museum to provide an educational experience,” said Cooper, “that will leave guests feeling inspired long after they leave.”

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